SAP® Financials

EPI-USE service offering includes SAP Financial for Public and Private Sector entities.

Besides the core SAP Financial applications, such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Treasury, EPI-USE specializes on Public Sector applications, such as Funds Management and Grants Management.

Our latest offerings include new developments within the Public Sector arena, such as Public Budget Formulation (PBF) and Public Sector Collections and Disbursements (PSCD).

Public Budget Formulation (PBF):

PBF is the latest development of SAP within Public Sector in order to provide Public Sector clients a superior budgeting platform for operating, capital and personnel budget preparation. EPI-USE signed a PBF Partner Agreement with SAP, which gives EPI-USE direct access to the SAP PBF development team. Our close relationship with SAP will be to the benefits of EPI-USE clients.

Public Sector Collections and Disbursements (PSCD):

PSCD, also known as Tax and Revenue Management, allows organizations to process mass transactions for receivables and payables. PSCD is designed to fit the needs of Public Sector organization for tax collection, business license and property tax collections. Through its online capabilities for tax application as well as receivable processing, it is the next step for organizations towards E-Government.