EPI-USE® is largely an employee-owned group of software and professional services companies. The Group comprises a number of specialist firms, each concentrating on services and software products addressing areas that are non-core, yet business-critical to large commercial and public sector enterprises. The result is solutions that enhance shareholder value across a wide spectrum of industries.

EPI-USE has a strong global presence. Employing close to 1 000 people the company is the world's largest, independent SAP HCM specialist, playing a leading role in the designing, building and implementation of newer-generation SAP-based Talent Management solutions. In our 30-year history, we have implemented more than 500 SAP HCM-based solutions around the world.

Our range of add-on software products enable EPI-USE clients to access exceptional productivity tools and thereby enhance their existing or planned implementations of SAP HCM. EPI-USE Labs, the Group's software arm, also offers SAP data management, landscape transformation software and supporting services for ERP, SRM, CRM, GTS, BW and SCM. With a suite covering 33 countries, EPI-USE is the premier global independent purveyor of SAP country versions for regions in which SAP does not offer a standard solution.

In addition to our SAP-focused businesses, the Group also includes separate operations or service lines specializing in software quality assurance, analytics, bespoke software development and data services. We offer eleven lines of business trading through the following brands:

  • EPI-USE & EPI-USE Global Services (comprising multiple service lines relating to Human Capital Management)
  • EPI-USE Analytics (Enterprise Performance Management)
  • EPI-USE Labs (proprietary software, landscape transformation services and Cloud migration services)
  • iLAB (Software Quality Assurance services)
  • EPI-USE Advance (bespoke software development and data services)
  • Magnisol (a joint venture focusing on SAP payroll solutions for non-profit organizations).

The Group operates in 13 countries spanning the Americas, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. It is thus able to service the needs of global clients efficiently having earned a well-deserved reputation for successfully and cost-effectively addressing challenging technology-related issues for its clients, which include some of the largest and most respected multinational corporations.

In addition to our private sector client portfolio, we have extensive experience in providing solutions to government and public sector agencies around the globe.